Release Notes

Latest Release (2021.2.1)

Release Date: Sept 24, 2021

What’s New

  • SmartHLS now supports IGLOO2 device family.

Software Features and Enhancements

  • A new branchless Flatten Function feature to improve parallelism between operations.

  • A new Replicate ROM pragma to enable and control the replication of designated read-only arrays for achieving better circuit throughput.

  • Support for packing interfaces and memories with struct types into a wide scalar using the new pack pragma (see Struct Support).

  • Support struct as a return type for the top-level HLS function (see Struct Support).

  • Support for constant static struct members in SW/HW CoSimulation.

  • Disabled automatic unrolling of pipelined loops and their outer loops. Disabling automatic unrolling saves design size without noticeable loss in performance. A pipelined loop can still be explicitly unrolled with a Unroll Loop pragma.

  • Updated the user guide section on SmartHLS Command Line Interface.

Resolved Issues

The following defects and enhancement requests were resolved:

  • HLS-461: Fixed the initialization of global array of ap_fixpt type.

  • HLS-419: Some of the generated AXI4 slave controllers have IIs greater than 1.

  • HLS-420: Excessive use of block RAMs (specifically uSRAMs) due to a sub-optimal heuristic when packing pipeline registers into FIFO-like constructs.

  • HLS-443: Partition pragma is incorrectly overridden by default partitioning.

  • HLS-446: Incorrect mapping of completely partitioned array of struct.

  • HLS-475: Nested struct definitions may have an incorrect order in Co-Simulation.

  • HLS-456: Loops containing inner pipelined loops are automatically unrolled, leading to a significant increase in resources.

  • HLS-53: Removed the internal primitive operations from scheduleviewer.

Previous Releases

Release Date: August 06, 2021

SmartHLS 2021.2

What’s New

  • SmartHLS is now installed by default with Libero 2021.2.1 for general release.

  • Free licenses are provided for SmartHLS, please refer to the instructions here to Setup SmartHLS License.

Software Features and Enhancements

  • Improved optimizations to minimize signal bit-width to reduce resource usage.

  • Improved multiplier area for wide multipliers (>64-bits).

  • Added a struct_fields type to the memory partition pragma (see struct_fields_memory_partitioning), which is to specify the intention to partition a struct into its individual elements.

  • Added a new “Synthesize Hardware to FPGA” feature that only runs RTL synthesis without place-and-route to obtain accurate FPGA resource usage faster.

  • Deprecated the scalar_memory type from the interface pragma. Please instead use a complete type memory partition pragma on the top-level pointer argument to achieve the same effect (see complete_memory_partitioning).

  • Deprecated the C arbitrary bitwidth library (hls/types.h) and C bit-level operations library (hls/bit_level_operations.h). Please use the C++ Arbitrary Precision Data Types Library instead for better quality of result of the generated hardware.

  • Windows installation no longer adds system environment variables and Windows IDE no longer uses system environment variables.

Known Issues

  • Excessive use of block RAMs (specifically uSRAMs) due to a sub-optimal heuristic when packing pipeline registers into FIFO-like constructs. The issue has been fixed in the 2021.2.1 release. For the 2021.2 release, here is the workaround to disable packing pipeline registers into FIFO to avoid the issue:

  1. Open the HLS Constraints dialog, choose Set custom config file constraint type and put in a file name (e.g., custom_config.tcl) for the constraint value, click “Add” then “OK”

  2. Create a new custom config file in the project folder with the same filename as above (e.g., custom_config.tcl).

  3. Put the following line in the custom config file: set_parameter USE_FIFO_FOR_PIPELINE_REG 0

Resolved Issues

The following defects and enhancement requests were resolved:

  • HLS-198: ap_uint<24> slices of width 8 is generating wider multipliers than necessary

  • HLS-220: MBW pass did not optimize for legup_select/concat primitives

  • HLS-233: Fix Tcl constraint name of floating point cores

  • HLS-234: Add Libero license check

  • HLS-259: Remove LEGUP_CYGWIN_BIN environment variable

  • HLS-261: Memory Partition partitions an unsupported case.

  • HLS-302: Integrate with Libero installer

  • HLS-353: Pass-in-by-value class argument not detected properly

  • HLS-354: breaks in a corner case of comment position

  • HLS-355: AXI slave address map: change the printing order of fields in the same word

  • HLS-356: Add a GUI button and a make target to only run synthesis (no P&R) for resource results

  • HLS-364: UG: add documentation about “set_synthesis_top_module_file” after “set_synthesis_top_module”

  • HLS-366: Mem-partition fails to split a FIFO of struct

  • HLS-372: MBW: forward prop of OR operantion is wrong with extendFrom

  • HLS-373: MBW-related: signed comparison between sign/length-mismatched values was wrong in printed RTL

  • HLS-374: Differentiate AShr and LShr in generated Verilog

  • HLS-376: Multiply between two different sign operands is implemented incorrectly

  • HLS-377: Split-mult operand port widths mismatch.

  • HLS-379: Remind user to “Recompile Simulation Libraries” when Modelsim version changes

  • HLS-390: Update SmartHLS EULA to match Libero EULA

  • HLS-394: Returning AP Type by-value uses ap_num in CoSim

  • HLS-395: External global memory got incorrectly optimized by LLVM

  • HLS-396: hls::thread Pointer Arguments Coerced to Int for 64-Bit Target

SmartHLS EAP 2021.1.2

Release date: June 14, 2021

LegUp HLS is now rebranded to Smart HLS

To port your existing LegUp HLS projects to Smart HLS, the following changes will be needed in the source code:

  • The include path of HLS library: change #include "legup/..." to #include "hls/..."

  • All legup namespace is renamed to hls; e.g., using namespace hls; or hls::FIFO

  • #pragma LEGUP ... should be changed to #pragma HLS ...

Software Features and Enhancements

  • Extended AXI4 master interface with AxSIZE and AxBURST support.

  • Improved FIFO depth modeling in software, and full-ness detection in software and RTL simulation.

  • Enhanced bit-width reduction to support very wide integer types (e.g., ap_uint<1024>).

  • Added support for unpartitioned structs (and nested structs) in CoSimulation.

Resolved Issues

The following defects and enhancement requests were resolved:

  • HLS-282: Rename “LegUp HLS” to “Smart HLS”

  • HLS-335: AP width memory controller gets “Warning: Invalid bitwidth ‘256’ for instr.”

  • HLS-330: VectorBlox design not finish when in multithreading with axi_read loops unmerged

  • HLS-328: Loop pipeline fails with ap_int type induction variable

  • HLS-327: Fix bug in software emulation of certain ap_int wide multiply operations

  • HLS-324: Legality check and error message about the one-to-one connection between FIFO and function’s FIFO argument

  • HLS-303: If Conversion Pass - DFS never exits with a >40,000 basic block size loop

  • HLS-296: If conversion pass errored out while trying to pipeline a loop

  • HLS-260: Segfault due to struct of ap_int top-level argument

  • HLS-158: Crashes at visitLocalMemoryInst – a struct argument containing ap_uint

  • HLS-147: Incorrect Transformation by if-conv

  • HLS-112: Add volatile support in extractArgs/cosim for parsing debug info for volatile

LegUp HLS EAP 2021.1

Release date: April 23, 2021

Software Features and Enhancements

  • Full support for complex software testbenches.

  • Automatically trigger re-compilation if needed to generate the software binary or Verilog when the C++ source code, Makefile, or TCL config files changed.

  • Added limited SW/HW Co-Simulation support for multi-threading when all threads are joined in the function where the threads are forked.

  • Added support for user-specified arguments of the main() function in software testbench.

  • Added AP_RND_ZERO quantization mode to the ap_fixpt C++ library.

  • Added a range() method to ap_int and ap_fixpt C++ libraries.

  • Added a simulation with waves feature to LegUp IDE for custom testbench.

Resolved Issues

The following defects and enhancement requests were resolved:

  • HLS-59: RTL Interface: fix memory port names

  • HLS-174: Spaces in LegUp workspace path makes synthesis fail. Add user error message to avoid spaces.

  • HLS-177: Change the header files on Windows

  • HLS-199: Add documentation comment to LegUp Library classes like ap_int similar to ap_fixpt so the user can mouse over the type in Eclipse and get the usage information

  • HLS-225: create_hdl_plus.tcl does not properly import mem_init files

  • HLS-232: Update windows installer link to LegUp getting started guide

  • HLS-255: After project import LegUp IDE does not save HLS constraints changes when closing

  • HLS-269: Missing legup_array_depth=1 for struct pass-in-by-reference

  • HLS-277: Automatically add array-depth attribute to pass-in-by-value structs.

  • HLS-278: Hardware functions are incorrectly removed by PreprocessThreadLib pass

  • HLS-279: Interface Report: Struct type IORam is incorrectly considered as scalar memory

  • HLS-280: Interface Report: byte-enable signal is not properly recognized for non-struct yet byte-enabled RAMs

LegUp HLS EAP 9.2.1

Release date: March 3, 2021

Software Features and Enhancements

Resolved Issues

The following defects and enhancement requests were resolved:

  • HLS-42: Libero 12.6 complains about set_option -rom_map_logic.

  • HLS-50: Sobel tutorial part 3 to match the syntax as part 1 & 2.

  • HLS-59: Fix the memory port names to a more understandable convention.

  • HLS-60: Give a proper error when there are multiple top-level functions specified.

  • HLS-63: Sefault if the top-level function pragma is removed from Sobel tutorial part 1.

  • HLS-78: Loop pipeline support for variable loop bounds.

  • HLS-97: Fmax improvements for customer design.

  • HLS-121: Cannot access AXI4 slave without starting the accelerator (in concurrent_access mode).

  • HLS-129: Loop unrolling crashes some designs.

  • HLS-142: Running Libero synthesis, P&R from LegUp will fail with Libero 12.5 or before on Windows.

  • HLS-149: LLVM’s loop-unswitch performs an unwanted loop replication.

  • HLS-156: CoSim: wrong values for ap_uint type being fed to the DUT.

  • HLS-162: Verilog name conflict in generated Verilog between a RAM instance and a register.

  • HLS-164: Cannot expand grouped AXI4stream ports in SmartDesign for HDL+ block.

  • HLS-165: Some memory interfaces are not showing in the interface report.

  • HLS-168: Clang errors out with none type memory partition pragma.

  • HLS-200: Can’t set multiply latency when split mult is enabled.

  • HLS-201: Execute create_hdl_plus.tcl from Libero got LEGUP_ROOT_DIR not set error.

  • HLS-203: ScheduleViewer does not work when LegUp installation and workspace are in different drives.

  • HLS-206: Red-line in Eclipse complaining about legup::thread/ref.

LegUp HLS EAP 9.1

Release date: Jan 4, 2021

Software Features and Enhancements

Resolved Issues

The following defects and enhancement requests were resolved:

  • Synthesize with Libero block flow to avoid limited number of top-level I/O pins

  • Fixes for RAM initialization and reset logic

  • Fix LegUp IDE cancel button on Windows

  • Fix Libero FMax parsing

  • Better error messages for unsupported C++ features (vector, map, etc.) and unsupported co-simulation cases